Current as of 29 May 2024

1Alasdair Campbell Cooke128,671,2648.96
2African Energy Limited86,692,3086.04
3PS Consulting Pty Ltd70,000,0004.88
4Equity Trustees Limited43,750,0003.05
5Julian Kinnear Ludowici40,370,8892.81
6Nireb Nominees Pty Ltd37,500,0002.61
7Ponderosa Investments WA Pty Ltd28,558,3511.99
8Reid Jon Zulpo20,000,0001.39
9Wimalex Pty Ltd20,000,0001.39
10JBBM Pty Ltd16,000,0001.11
11Helmet Nominees Pty Ltd15,275,0951.06
12723 Pty Ltd    15,250,0001.06
13Geared Investments Pty Ltd  15,039,6061.05
14Frazer Tabeart14,750,0001.03
15Terra Metallica Nominees Pty Ltd13,028,5300.91
16General Advisory Pty Ltd11,750,9260.82
17A Santamaria Pty Ltd10,000,0000.70
18Bonanza Nominees Pty Ltd  10,000,0000.70
19Leon Eugene Pretorius  10,000,0000.70
20Kevin Gerard Doyle  10,000,0000.70
Total Top 20 Shareholders 616,636,96942.96
 Balance of Share Register818,741,93957.6
 Total Shares on Issue 1,435,378,908100